Előjelentkezés angol tanfolyamra

Töltsd ki nyelvi szintfelmérőnket, hogy tudjuk, milyen csoport lenne számodra a legmegfelelőbb!


! Ha már 3 válaszod egymás után csak tipp, hagyd abba nyugodtan a tesztírást, és kattints a “Küldés” ikonra.
! NE használj segédeszközt, magadat is becsapod vele.
! Próbáld meg kb. 30 perc alatt kitölteni a 60 kérdéses feladatsort.

A teszt kiértékelését kollégáink végzik, javítás után a megadott elérhetőségedre küldjük válaszunkat. Mi komolyan veszünk Téged. Köszönjük, hogy Te is minket. Iskolánkban lehetőséged van ennél részletesebb, valamint ingyenes szóbeli szintfelmérésen is részt venni.

Az eredményed alapján INGYENES próbaórán is részt vehetsz és a Neked legmegfelelőbb csoportba csatlakozhatsz be. Ezzel jelentős  időt és pénzt spórolhatsz meg! 

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Ne felejtsd el, hogy a nyelvtanulás egy hosszabb folyamat. Mi nyelvtanárok tisztában vagyunk azzal, hogy ez a folyamat egy tanulónál máskor és más okból szakadhat meg, így nem is várjuk el, hogy mindenki ugyanabba a “kockába” beférjen, hanem arra törekszünk, hogy minden diákunk önmagához képest fejlődjön a legtöbbet és eredményesen folytathassa tanulmányait.


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 8-12 óra között 17 óra előtt 17 óra után Szombat délelőtt


Következzen a 60 kérdéses teszt:

1. My sister is a hairdresser. ______ is 40 years old.
 a, Who b, She c, He d, It

2. Liz______ married, she is single.
 a, is b, isn't c, are d, hasn't

3. She ______ have a family, she lives alone.
 a, don't b, doesn't c, hasn't d, isn't

4. “What _____ you do?” “I’m a shop assistant.”
 a, do b, job c, profession d, are

5. ______ are three tables in the room.
 a, Their b, There' c, There d, There're

6. I ______ swim when I was five, but children usually can’t.
 a, was b, were c, can d, could

7. What _____ you watch on TV last afternoon?
 a, do b, was c, did d, were

8. I _____ a terrible mistake when I called him a rabbit.
 a, did b, said c, made d, had

9. “I’m so hungry!” “_____ you like a pizza?”
 a, Do b, Are c, Could d, Would

10. How _____ milk is there in the glass?
 a, many b, much c, lot d, full

11. Alex is taller _____ his sister.
 a, as b, like c, then d, than

12. “Where _____ you going now?” “School.”
 a, do b, are c, could d, were

13. I’m _________ to travel to Wien next Monday, I’ve already booked the ticket.
 a, will b, going c, shall d, going to

14. “_____ do you go to school?” "By train."
 a, With what b, By how c, How d, When

15. _____ you ever been to Spain?
 a, Has b, Were c, Have d, Did

16. “_______ is this coat?” “It’s mine.”
 a, Who's b, Whois c, Who d, Whose

17. “Has your brother got a girlfriend?” “No, she ______ .
 a, don't b, doesn't c, hasn't d, isn't

18. When I arrived at the party, everyone was ________ a good time.
 a, doing b, enjoying c, making d, having

19. We would like to make a pizza and there’s a _______ cheese in the fridge. It’s not much, but I’m sure it’ll be enough.
 a, few b, some c, little d, lot

20. “My pocket is so heavy.” “Give it to me. I _____ carry it for you.”
 a, will b, am going to c, could d, would

21. “What’s New Orelans ______?” “It’s very big and exciting.”
 a, look b, looks c, look like d, like

22. We haven’t met _______ 1999.
 a, since b, for c, in d, ago

23. You _______ have to do it today, tomorrow is still OK.
 a, need b, must c, don't d, should

24. “If it _______ tomorrow, we won’t go to the beach.” “Don’t worry, we might as well take a raincoat.”
 a, rainy b, sunny c, rains d, will rain

25. I don’t smoke any more, but I _______ to smoke 40 cigarettes a day.
 a, was b, had c, use c, used

26. The film was not very exciting, I was so ______ with it that I almost fell asleep.
 a, boring b, bored c, tiring d, uninterested

27. Coca Cola ______ invented in the USA.
 a, is b, was c, have been d, has

28. If I _____ you, I would choose the yellow one.
 a, was b, were c, am d, would be

29. How long have you been _______ for this company?
 a, at b, worker c, working d, look

30. The bus _______ left by the time we got to the bus station.
 a, was b, has c, had d, were

31. How ______ does it take you to get to the shop?
 a, long b, much c, far d, difficult

32. I’d give you a lift, but I can’t. My car is ______ repaired now.
 a, - b, having c, being d, been

33. I was just doing my homework when the teacher ________ the classroom and everybody fell silent.
 a, came b, went c, was coming d, entered

34. We were not _______ to use a knife when we were children.
 a, able b, allowed c, used d, allow

35. Mum: “You ______ be home by 9 the latest, otherwise you can’t watch your favourite show.” Little boy: “I hate that I always have to do what you say.”
 a, can b, can't c, could d, must

36. I’m _______ a meeting at 3 tomorrow.
 a, having b, sitting c, talking d, going

37. “What does your father ______ like?” “He is tall and thin.”
 a, looks b, look c, is d, -

38. I can’t stand _______ to this CD, it’s really irritating.
 a, hearing b, listen c, listening d, hear

39. What am I going to do now? I’ve just ______ made redundant.
 a, was b, being c, been d, had

40. “Shall we go to the theatre?” “I _______ rather watch a film on TV.”
 a, had b, shall c, will d, would

41. He ________ be Hungarian with a name like Jürgen.
 a, couldn't b, must c, can't d, mustn't

42. They _______ have been on holiday. They were not at home for three weeks and now and they have a wonderful suntan.
 a, can b, mustn't c, must d, did

43. Who has been _______ from my bottle? It’s half empty.
 a, empty b, drunk c, tasted d, drinking

44. I wonder ______ the shop is.
 a, why b, where c, where is d, how long

45. “I think I’ll buy the Fiat.” “But you told me you _______ buy a Mercedes!”
 a, will b, - c, shall d, would

46. I’ll see you _____ a fortnight’s time.
 a, - b, in c, till d, since

47. “Where are you going to stay in Wales?” “Some friends are going to ______ us up.”
 a, take b, accomodate c, get d, put

48. I lived in Rome _____ 5 years.
 a, for b, ago c, while d, till

49. I don’t have _______ friends, just 2 or 3.
 a, lot b, few c, much d, many

50. Please ______ off your hat before you enter the church.
 a, get b, take c, make d, put

51. By this time tomorrow I’ll ________ finished my homework.
 a, - b, be c, have d, had

52. I had passed all my exams, ______ really pleased my father.
 a, that b, which c, what d, it

53. Bridge is a card game ______ by four people.
 a, playing b, for c, played d, play

54. I’m really looking ______ to going on holiday to South America.
 a, forward b, for c, in d, -

55. I broke my leg last week, and I haven’t been ______ to drive since then, because it really hurts.
 a, away b, able c, allowed d, could

56. “Who is he going out _____?” “I think Sarah.”
 a, about b, for c, - d, with

57. “What _______ if I press this button?” “Dunno. But we’d better not try.”
 a, does b, happened c, happens d, had happened

58. When I was a child, we _______ often go on long walks.
 a, used b, used to c, decided d, would

59. I ______ I hadn’t eaten that pizza! I feel really sick.
 a, if only b, wish c, only d, might

60. If I hadn’t come here today, I would ______ gone to see that film with my girlfriends.
 a, have b, had c, been d, has been